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Protecting and Preserving Assets with Gold and SilverRead articles about investing in gold and silver coins.

Gold and silver have been the one world currency for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries precious metals have served to preserve the purchasing power of assets during times of uncertainty such as regime change, economic disasters and war. Central banks around the globe hold gold as a reserve asset for the same reason. Encore Gold encourages investors and their families to convert a portion of their assets into gold and silver for the exact same reason as the central banks. In times of financial stress, gold and silver may be the only means of completing transactions.

There are many types of gold and silver to choose from such as: collectible gold coins like the $20 Double Eagle gold coin and the $10 Eagle gold coin, certified gold coins, and certified silver coins.  Gold American eagle bullion coins and silver American eagle bullion coins can now be placed in a Precious Metals IRA. Precious Metal IRA’s also allow gold bullion bars and silver bullion bars. In our opinion, a Precious Metals IRA is one of the best ways to own both gold and silver.

Encore Gold serves as a certified coin dealer offering to sell gold coins and to buy gold coins on behalf of current and new customers at very competitive pricing structures. Not only do we offer American gold and American silver dollars, but we also encourage customers to consider foreign gold coins as well. Gold and silver are undervalued by virtually any metric and have the potential to increase in value.

There has never been a more important time in the history of our country for investors to add gold and silver to their asset base thereby protecting and preserving the purchasing power of the assets they have worked for their entire lives. This will remain a fact for many years to come.

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The "Dow-to-Gold Ratio" measures how many ounces of gold it takes to buy one share of each Dow stock.

This graph has accurately predicted every major US Stock Market Crash since 1895.

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